A table covered in linens and trays full of various cookies at a Melhorn Manor event

3 Team-Building Activities Your Employees Will Enjoy at the Next Company Event

Team building is an integral part of any business. During the workweek, you spend 40+ hours with the same people day in and day out—sometimes you see your coworkers more than your family! That’s why it’s so essential that your team learns to understand each other and work together cooperatively in a professional environment.

Finding an event space near you to host a team-building event can sometimes be a hassle, but luckily you’ve already found a beautiful space right here in Lancaster County! At Melhorn Manor, we’re not just about weddings—we also hold many other types of events. That’s why we want to share a few of our favorite ideas for company events that we’ve seen right here at our premier event venue.

Enjoy a Five-Star Meal

Treating your employees to lunch or dinner isn’t that uncommon, but more significant events are cause for a bigger celebration. So instead of your traditional catering or buffet-style food, why don’t you have everyone dress up for a more formal event dinner?

The meal doesn’t have to be five courses, but a great way to treat your employees is to invite them and their families to enjoy a large meal around the holidays. Even if you don’t go the formal route, offering high-quality catering from our exclusive list helps show how much you want to thank your employees.

Play Interactive Games

If you decide to go the less formal route for an event, you’ll still need an event space near you that can hold the kind of large gathering you want to plan. We often have businesses come in to enjoy a more casual lunch or dinner with their team while also holding other activities that help bring coworkers closer together. Here are a few favorites we’ve seen:

  • Trivia: Trivia is a classic team-building experience. Having your employees split up into teams while playing trivia is a quick and easy activity that doesn’t cost you anything (except maybe prizes for the winning teams). And while you could make the questions about your company, we suggest going with some old-fashioned questions to really make this feel like a treat for your team.
  • Memory Board: As a more low-key and sentimental activity, treat your team with some time out of the office. Get together for lunch or brunch, pass out some paper, tape, and pens, and then have them write down some of their favorite memories. The memories or moments can be company-related or individual with coworkers—the point is to reaffirm positive relationships within the team. When they’re done, have them tape the words, quotes, or drawings to the board that you can then hang up in the office!
  • Board Games: This may seem simple, but classic board or card games can be a great way for coworkers to get to know each other in smaller groups. Sometimes employees may feel disconnected when they work for a larger company, so these small groups make for great team building in a casual and fun setting.

Start a Tradition

While we realize this company event may sound a little vague, that’s okay—the point is for team building! When you have an annual company event, you start a tradition for your employees that will give them something to look forward to every year. While the details of the event can change between lunch, games, dinner, or even a weekend getaway, starting a tradition will give your employees a relaxing time away from work while still socializing with coworkers.

Plus, you could even turn the event into a time when you give out other rewards to your employees. Think of it almost as an employee appreciation event where you show your team how much you recognize the value of their hard work.

Ready to Book the Perfect Space for Your Next Company Event?

Do you want an event space that’s large and upscale but not three hours away in a city? Do you want a local event space near you that fits all of your employees and more? Then, set up a tour with us to see all the elegant spaces Melhorn Manor has to offer. No matter if your company gathering is for 15 employees or 300, we have the perfect size space for you and your guests to feel comfortable and have a great time! Any of our four barns can be rented at an hourly rate in the beautiful rural setting of Mount Joy, PA. Host your next corporate event, holiday celebration, education class, fundraiser, or company retreat at Melhorn Manor. We promise your team will remember it for years to come.