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A Look at the Average Wedding Cost in Lancaster

No matter how fun it is to plan a wedding, the biggest concern (and likely the largest source of arguments for couples), is deciding on a budget. Between figuring out a caterer, picking out a dress or tux, deciding on a venue, and all of the other crucial details of a wedding, you may be wondering what the average wedding cost is in the Lancaster area.

At Melhorn Manor, we’re always trying to help out stressed couples wherever we can. Your wedding budget doesn’t have to be a source of stress if you know what to expect. So to assist couples with budgeting and planning a wedding, we took a look at the average cost of holding a wedding right here in Lancaster, Pa.

Average Cost of a Wedding in Lancaster, PA

According to The Wedding Report, there were approximately 3,493 weddings in Lancaster County in 2018. At the same time, the average wedding cost in Lancaster was about $30,048—that’s more than buying the average new car!

But before you get too overwhelmed seeing that number, we want to show you a breakdown of some of these costs. From there, you can decide on what’s most important to you during your big day and how you can limit your wedding spending. Here are the average wedding cost prices in 2018 in the following categories (all data pulled from The Wedding Report):

Attire & Accessories

  • Dress Accessories: $247
  • Tuxedo/Suit/Other Accessories: $115
  • Tuxedo/Suit/Other Rent/Purchase: $233
  • Wedding Dress/es: $1,348

Beauty & Spa

  • Hair Service: $73
  • Makeup Service: $59
  • Manicure & Pedicure: $49


  • DJ/MC: $870
  • Entertainment Lighting: $394
  • Live Band: $1,998
  • Musician/s, Soloist, or Ensemble: $722

Flowers & Decorations

  • Bouquets: $366
  • Boutonnieres, Corsages: $162
  • Event Decorations: $481
  • Event Flowers & Arrangements: $654
  • Event Table Centerpieces: $353

Gifts & Favors

  • Gift/s for Attendants: $110
  • Gift/s for Parents: $132
  • Tips (For All Services): $417
  • Wedding Favors: $260


  • Ceremony Programs: $133
  • Engagement Announcements: $114
  • Guest Book: $63
  • Invitations & Reply Cards: $231
  • Postage: $109
  • Reception Menus: $130
  • Save the Date Cards: $116
  • Table Name and Escort/Place Cards: $88
  • Thank You Cards: $93


  • Bracelet: $195
  • Earrings: $169
  • Engagement Ring: $3,803
  • Necklace: $223
  • Wedding Ring/Band for Her: $870
  • Wedding Ring/Band for Him: $510

Photography & Video

  • Digital or Photo CD/DVD: $325
  • Engagement Session: $445
  • Photo Booth: $430
  • Prints and/or Enlargements: $269
  • Wedding Album/s or Photo Book/s: $467
  • Photographer Fee: $1,821
  • Videographer Fee: $1,215


  • A La Carte Services: $928
  • Day of Coordinator: $796
  • For Getting Started: $856
  • Full Service: $2,681
  • Month of Direction: $1,020

Venue, Catering & Rentals

  • Ceremony Officiator: $256
  • Event Accessories: $391
  • Bar Service: $2,848
  • Food Service: $5,570
  • Event Location: $4,351
  • Rentals: $2,089
  • Hotel Room for After Reception: $378
  • Limo Rental: $583
  • Other Transportation: $623
  • Rehearsal Dinner: $681
  • Wedding Cake/Dessert: $500

Average Cost of a Wedding in Pennsylvania

While all of those numbers may seem a bit intimidating, it’s important to remember that these are not the “end all, be all” costs you’ll be facing. Also, remember that those prices are only for Lancaster County.

In the entire state, there were a whopping total of 72,899 weddings in 2018. And the average wedding cost in Pennsylvania was lower than Lancaster County, coming in at $28,827. The most impressive statistic is that there was over $2.1 billion spent in total wedding sales in 2018!

Average Cost of a Wedding in the US

So, how do Lancaster and Pennsylvania wedding expenses compare to the rest of the country? It may come as a surprise, but the average wedding cost in the United States in 2018 was $33,931. That makes both PA and Lancaster County below average!

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